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Gym Equipments

Welcome to iSweat

Affordable. Accessible.Flexible

Pulling Rope

Why Fitness?

Almost all known life-threatening diseases and sicknesses can be prevented by 2 things: exercise and nutrition. If these 2 are so important as preventive measures, then gyms should be as important as pharmacies and hospitals. As professionals within this space, we aim to increase client’s awareness on the many important benefits of what we do while making gym memberships both affordable and accessible.

Fitness Is for Everyone

Fitness is for everyone; we mean it and our membership plans shows this. So, no matter your level of fitness, your pocket or your schedule you cannot be left out at iSweat if you truly are looking at getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle.



Top Notch Facilities

Our facility consists of: -Over 200 plus Bits and pieces of equipment, Dedicated Area for Spin Bikes and Class Area, over 30 cardio machines,
over 2000kg of weights (plates, kettle bells, dumbells, squat bags etc.) dedicated changing rooms with showers, goal oriented Personal Training, over 100 Group Classes and Workshops a month and more than 6 Personal Trainers.

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