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Welcome to the Fit Family

Our Memberships are designed to be flexible, affordable and accessible. We are certain there is a memebership that suits your pocket, personality and schedule. Explore and be happy the iSweat way!

Why We Do Fitness

Almost all known life-threatening diseases and sicknesses can be prevented by 2 things: exercise and nutrition. If these 2 are so important as preventive measures, then gyms should be as important as pharmacies and hospitals. As professionals within this space, we aim to increase client’s awareness on the many important benefits of what we do while making gym memberships both affordable and accessible.


Membership plans at iSweat are designed to be flexible allowing you to incorporate fitness into your schedule, without having to think too much about your time and your pocket. This is because we believe everyone should incorporate fitness into their schedule and NO ONE should be left out.

Our membership plans are divided into: Visit Based or Target based, Unlimited Access and HMO plans. You can also add personal training to your membership to allow for proper monitoring of your fitness journey with any of our qualified Trainers.

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PLEASE NOTE: HMO memberships are only available at the gym.

  • What are restricted times and why do some memberships have them?
    Some Memberships do not allow the customer to come in anytime they want. This is to allow for crowd control and also allows the customer whose schedule suits our less busy times to pay less. Therefore, members who choose this plan can come in from 8:00am to 3:30pm and 7:00pm to 10:00pm daily. Restricted timed memberships are our Bronze and Gold Memberships.
  • What times are you open?
    We are open from 6am to 10pm Mondays to Saturdays
  • Can I cancel my membership anytime?
    Memberships that are automatically billed have a cancellation policy of 14 days to the end of membership. i.e. if a monthly membership you must cancel within your first 14 days, else the member will still be billed. If you have cannot be billed then your account will be on red or negative. Note: Cancellation must be done using our Cancellation Form on our website or in person.
  • What is Freeze or Pause?
    A freeze or pause is a hold on your membership. This is especially good if you have to travel or fall ill. Do not, hold/pause/freeze must be specified by the client and each client has a 60 day hold period per calendar year. You can hold your membership by following the link: i-Sweat Member Portal | Request Hold - i-Sweat Member Portal (
  • What is Membership Portal?
    Our Membership portal allows a customer to be able to view their profile, make payment, book classes if available, see their measurement and also any workout plan they might have purchased.
  • What is Body Scan and Monthly Reporting?
    When a customer signs-up for either our Gold or Platinum plan they get to take a Body Scan of your body with detailed report of areas where you have excess fat.
  • Can I Switch to Another Trainer after Training has started?
    You can switch trainers 5 days after your training with the trainer has started.
  • Can I pay for Personal Training without having a Membership?
    No, Personal Training are add-ons to your Membership so you must have an active Membership Plan before you can add Personal Training.
  • Can I Pause my Personal Training?
    As you must have an active membership with us before you can add Personal Training. Therefore, if your membership is paused then your Personal Training is also Paused.
  • What is the difference between Grouped and one-on-one Personal Training?
    Grouped Personal Training means you will be grouped with individuals who have the same goal as you, whereas, one-on-one will be just you and your trainer. Trainers usually tend to have more time to focus with the client in the case of one-on-one rather than in grouped Personal Training. Grouped Personal Training are our: Starter, Pro and Pro + Personal Training plans and one-on-one are our Bronze, Silver and Gold Personal Training Plans.
  • Can I try all Personal Trainers at the gym before making a choice?
    No this is not possible; you are only entitled to one Personal Training Trial. However, you can decide to switch to another Personal Trainer after a minimum of 5 working days after which the next time you can switch is a month.

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